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7 Ways Scented candles make your life better.

Scented candles have long become an adult staple. We've watched the candle evolve from being just a source of light to one of the most complimentary home accents that ties your space together.

We have our olfactory to thank for that! Scents have for centuries now been used for pain management, stress relief, enhancing concentration and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are 7 ways scented candles make your life better just by owning one.

1. Ambience.

Scented candles are often used by massage therapists to create a peaceful, warm ambience in their therapy rooms. This is because the warm light & soothing fragrance helps relax & ease the mind. Try it, after a long day; turn the lights out, light a candle or two or more, shower & just take a moment. Makes all the difference & counts as self care. Show yourself some.

2. Increases Attractiveness.

You are instantly more likable when you smell sexy as hell! Now imagine how much sexier you are when your home/space smells just as good. True story, a customer once shared that a FWB turned Bae thanks to our Spicy Fairy Candle. You can turn your home into a scented sanctuary when you tuck scented candles into corners. Helps you swap the stale home odor for a variety of more welcoming scented choices like baked goods, spicy sweet or a delightfully fruity scent.

3. Beat Insomnia.

If you've ever struggled with sleep, added with the stress of adulting you'll agree that sleep is the gold of leisure time. Due to the relaxing effect of scented fragrance notes combined with the soothing ambience of a burning candle, pack more time into your sleep cycle when you create a relaxing space to go to sleep in with scented candles. Try candles with notes of lavender or sandalwood, if you struggle with sleep.

4. Induce positive memories.

Buying candles with fragrance notes from a favorite past time can help you relive the positive feelings from that moment. Research indicates that smells are likely to trigger emotional memories. Light a candle with notes from a happier time and relive your good memories.

5. Personal Taste.

You swear you have taste but did you know your space is an expression of your personal style as much as your outfit choices? Bet you didn't know that. Scented candles are a home accent with dual functionality. Express your minimalist style with chic candle vessels or go over the top. Either way, your space will look & smell in ways that feels the most like you.

6. Escapism.

Go on a vacation without the hassle. Use scented candles with fragrance notes that capture places, to travel around the world from the comfort of your home. Craving the Tropics or Ocean breeze, there's a scented candle for that.

7. Boost your immunity.

If you lived through the last six months of 2020, you'll know how much more important it is to have a healthy immune system. You can improve your quality of life with the help of certain scented candles Try candles with notes of chamomile, bergamot and lavender, if you struggle with anxiety or depression. Light a candle and practice breathing exercises when you feel overwhelmed.

“Nature itself journeyed, seeking illumination.”

Paulo Coelho

Life is to be enjoyed and if there are little ways you could uplift yours, why not indulge?

Why do you need scented candles in your life? Tell us in the comments

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