CMCLAN: Introduction

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Over the last two years, our brand & community has grown in the most wholesome way. Being a small business, we consider our customers to be our very own investors. Each purchase taking us one step closer to our bigger picture which is being able to create an amazing product experience from start to finish, sustainably & ethically.

We've sold a good amount of products in the last 24 months, going from our signature debut scent Spicy Fairy to crafting over a dozen new signature scents on the menu. We've since launched our range of scented sprays, home fragrances & more to come, we think it is important to begin to nurture our community as it has nurtured us.

Claire Marcus® is woman led home accent brand creating signature items that help millennials with taste turn any space into their own. We believe that everyone should have access to products that help them express their personality while creating a nurturing space to live, work and be in.

Allow us to introduce you, our customers, supporters, followers & friends to #CMclan. Here we will support, encourage, nurture & promote lifestyle, wellness, experience & most importantly local businesses from within our community & beyond.

From candle care tips to exclusive access to brand related experiences & spotlighting businesses you should know about as well as sharing some entrepreneurial tips we're learning on this journey. We are excited to digitally connect & nurture our very own community.

We're social af! so please feel free to make suggestions in the comments, Follow us on socials Twitter & Instagram. You can reach us via email for features if you're small business & part of the #CMclan.

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