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Everyday Self-Care!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The importance of self-care can never ever be overemphasized.

We're in the middle of a global pandemic (incase you forgot!! Covid is still in these streets. #Wearamask) & there's been a rise in mental distress. Forcing a lot of millennials to look inwards to finding ways to not only handle the anxiety that comes from the collective uncertainty but to live a more productive meaningful life. where social interaction has drastically reduced.

Which brings us to Self-Care, This single act of showing up for yourself will help you unwind, reset & relax! Everyday Self-Care because every day should be filled with dutiful little rituals of showing yourself a bit more attention, love & mindfulness.

There are a few tried & tested at home rituals you can create that help you slow down, calibrate & feel more in love with yourself.

Fuel your body with healthy meals & immune boosting super foods. Eating clean means our bodies can fight back stronger & our energy levels stay high. Move your body! Dance if you need to, take long walks with your loved ones, Try out yoga. With more time at home, it's easy to fall into depression from social isolation. Connect with nature & friends by planning more outdoor activites with people you care about . Priotize Sleep & Positive thinking; between binge watching shows & scrolling through social media, one can easily get to a sunken place. Practice gratitiude over comparison & Remember to put your phone down.

You can create your own rituals but we're happy to help. Our community is filled with homegrown brands like ours, that are creating intentional products that help make your life feel just a little bit better.

This month we not only have two brands for our #CMClan feature, we've collaborated with them to bring you our very first Self-Care series set.

Berry.Works® is an organic cruelty free beauty brand creating skincare products from various kinds of berries & herbs. For our Self-Care series I, we've added their soon to be launched pineapple purifying face mask. When you look good, you feel good.

Hearts by Design® is a luxury stationery brand creating stationery products that focus on mindfullness while celebrating love for self & others. For this Self-Care series I, they've created a manifestation journal to help you attract positive vibrations your way.

Set the mood, cue our ambient playlist: here, Light a candle, wear a mask, take a moment to list the things you are grateful & expectant for. Realizing that being here is a blessing is all the self-care you need to keep you going.

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