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Our Ultimate Guide to Home Fragrances

From choosing the right scents for a room to making the best home fragrance choices, we'll guide you through the need to know for making your home smell divine!

Fragrance is a powerful way to transport to a time or place and an even better way to elevate your mood. This is because smell sends direct signals to your olfatory bulb which is the part of the brain where your emotions and memories are stored.

You can harness the strong power of smell in your home to create a cocoon for relaxation.

Scented Candles are a great way to introduce fragrance into your space, by far the most popular for their ability to emit fragrances and also create a warm beautiful ambiance. To get the most of your scented candles; burn in spaces that you spend a lot of time in like your living room and kitchen, for at least three hours and ensure to trim your wick to ensure the wax burns evenly and consistently.

Room Sprays are perfect for when you need to quickly freshen the air, so have one handy in your guest bathroom and living room. Spruce lightly on curtains, linen and bulbs to get the most out of it.

Oil Burners and Diffusers are a lasting way to lift the odour of your living space, the act of lighting a tealight and using your burner can become your little welcome ritual at home. Mix oils in different ratios together to create a new fragrance everytime, the lingering scent from the burner with time will create a signature scent for your home. Perfect for corridors and open living spaces.

Choosing a scent for every room

When shopping for scents we tend to gravitate towards fragrances that we like. If you're looking to amplify your living space, here are some fragrance notes to consider when shopping.

Your Living Room is the perfect space to explore the scents that will make up the signature smell of your home. Mild-woody notes for warm evenings relaxing and sweet-spicy scents for when you're hosting. We recommend our Jigotic and cocopinage scented candles and Man of Souk fragrance in candle or oil.

In your Kitchen, to cleanse the air of cooking smells we recommend spice based scents like cinnamon. Our sweet and spicy blend, Spicy Fairy will compliment your kitchen area.

Fresh, clean scents are splendid in the Bathroom, scents inspired by the outdoors like eucalyptus, bergamot are perfect way to freshen your bathroom. Windaze and Sugar Baby will greatly upgrade your bathroom's smell.

Your Bedroom is your personal sanctuary, depending on your preference vanilla, jasmine and lavender fragrances are recommended. These fragrance notes induce tranquility and relaxation, they can also be natural aphrodisiacs. Our I remember you and Marvee candles are the perfect bedroom companions.

For those that work from home, to inspire productivity you can harness the invigorating scent of coffee for when you need to get into work mode in your Office Space. The Kel will transport you to your favorite cafe right at home.

Turning any space into your own with scents is something you should have fun with. Find the perfect fragrances for your home by experimenting and taking note of what suits you best.

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