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Why going to a Farmers Market should be a part of your Weekend activities

With sustainable lifestyle becoming more mainstream; it's recommended to start paying attention to your environmental impact and reducing your waste, as a means to start a healing cycle from the effects of climate change.

Beyond helping ensure the earth stays safe for generations to come, adopting certain lifestyle changes will also improve your overall quality of life.

From finding quality produce fresh from the farm to getting a chance to grow your own food, here's a few reasons why the TKDFarms Farmers Market is something you should do on saturdays if you're in Lagos.

TKDFarms Farmers Market is a weekly market in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos. Every saturday a curated host of women owned businesses with products that inspire and help you live an Eco-friendly sustainable life gather to sell their goods to a community of wellness enthusiats.

  1. Real Fruits, Real Flavors: At the farmers market, TKDFarms guarantees you buy the freshest fruits available. No chemical grown fruits, vegetables and fruits brought straight from the farms directly to you - skipping the long distant shipping, no simulated ripening process, no sitting around in storage -. Just fresh food from the farm.

2. Enjoy Seasons: The produce at the farmers market are sometimes seasonal. Reflecting the season, the farmers market helps you connect with the cycles of nature. Look forward to trying the bountiful fruits of the harvest of each season.

3. Know where your products come from: Get a chance to interact with each vendor for all your home and pantry supplies. TKDFarms Farmers market gives you a chance to meet the people and hands behind your favorite local brands.

4. Try before you buy: If you live in Lagos and want to smell our signature scents before making a purchase, the TKDFarms Farmers market is a great place to get a talk through our menu for future purchases. Get free food tasters from the food and pastry brands as well as samples of freshly tapped palmwine.

5. Nourish Your body and mind: Most of the food these days are highly processed and grown using chemicals or genetic modifications, these practices might have negative effects on your health. Contrary, the food found at the TKDFarms farmers market are produced with no chemical processes and the farmers and vendors go to great lengths to use sustainable methods to grow the most nutritous produce possible. You can also shop the herbs and vegetables you need to start your own food garden from the farmers market.

6. Get Cooking, Gardening tips & ideas: Shopping at the supermarket is great but the farmers market is even better, get Nigeria's first gluten free pasta and noodles from homegrown brand Aldente and ask the chef founders directly for recipe ideas or grow your own food garden with gardening tips and tricks from Savvy Gardens.

7. Connect with a local community: Get some fresh air as you stroll through outdoor stalls, the TKDFarms farmers market is a community of small business owners where you can meet up with friends and family while you do your grocery shopping. You get a taste of locals brands and products while enjoying great company on Saturdays.

You can find us at the TKDFarms Farmers Market at Laspark Verge, Osborne Ikoyi, Every Saturday from 10am-5pm.

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